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Insuring Your Nonprofit Organization

Are you in the process of starting a nonprofit organization? I insure a large number of nonprofit organizations including: parent teacher organizations (PTO), social organizations, booster clubs, foundations, chambers of commerce, business associations and youth sports teams. I have seen a reoccurring theme among small organizations; they have a hard time getting insured or receive a policy with a price tag they can not afford or were not expecting to have to pay!

If you are in the process of putting together an organization to fulfill a passion, achieve a goal, help other achieve their dreams...I want to help! Please include insurance in your process. Let's work together to make sure you have the proper forms in place, safety procedures, staff background checks, etc. If you do not do these things, you could be leaving yourself and your organization open for a lot of risks that could be detrimental to yourself, your organization, your volunteers or even those you are on a mission to help.

Tips to Prepare for the Insurance Quoting Process:

-Have a well-defined mission/goal in writing.

-Determine the date your organization was established.

-Have your yearly revenues or estimated projection for revenue.

-Register your nonprofit.

-Conduct background checks on all employees, board members and depending on the type of work, your volunteers.

-Have a safety procedure in place in the case of an emergency.

-If you are transporting volunteers or people to service, have an auto policy.

-Decide on the monetary value of the contents in your office.

-If you plan to work with certain entities: government programs, schools, church organizations, etc, find out what their insurance requirements are up front.

C. Hicks Agency can help make insurance an easy task if you plan ahead and make insurance a part of your process while building your organization.

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