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Business & Brunch - Life Insurance and Estate Planning 101

Join Insurance Agent, Camille Hicks and Attorney, Lauren Brown for brunch! We are having brunch but not without talking about some important insurance and estate planning. These two areas are the foundation to a sound financial plan and protecting your assets, your family and your future. Unfortunately, most people do not get these things in order until it hits close to home and many even miss the opportunity to take care of their "business".

So, let's talk about it...but over brunch. Camille and Lauren will give you the basics to understand your life insurance, estate, wills and trust. Do you need one? What kind? How much?

If you have questions, please go ahead and send them to us beforehand and we will be sure to answer them at the seminar. Insurance --> Estate Planning -->

We will have some networking, wine and socializing from 12:30 - 1 pm, start brunch at 1 pm and the seminar shortly after. We look forward to seeing you at brunch!

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