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Stay Up-to-Date on Home Inventory

When was the last time you took inventory of everything in your home or apartment? Have you taken inventory? We often do not take inventory unless we have recnetly moved, remodeled or had repairs done to our home. Even then, we might not take full inventory. Knowing what you have and keeping a list along with photos that are up-to-date is so important; you never know when disaster might strike. Having this information available and up-to-date can help determine what and how much your insurance company will cover in the event of a disaster or burglary. The Insurance Information Institute has made home inventory easy to do and keep up-to-date. Use their Know Your Stuff Home Inventory program online; it is easy, efficient, allows you to upload photos and they have a moible app!

If you decide not to use the program, create your own inventory by going room by room. Keep track of everything you have in writing, take photos and record approximate values. Keep this list in an easy to access place as well as online in case you do not have physical access to it during an emergency. Consider sharing the inventory with a friend or relative as well.

Tips on Home Inventory:

  • Start with big ticket items.

  • Take photos.

  • Store inventory in a cloud based storage system for access from anywhere.

  • Store homeowners or renters insurance documentation along with your inventory for quick and easy access.

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